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ghoulsandcandy said: What sort of transportation would a dandy take? Cars? Bikes? etc?

Well, I do suppose that would depend on their type of dandyism. I could see many a type riding vintage bicycles, riding horses (though, that is hardly practical any longer) or driving classic cars! I prefer walking to any of the above, though I do have a fondness for bicycles.

“The nobility of the Dandy lies not in the blood but in the mind.”

—   William Nicolair (via amoderndandy)

amoderndandy said: Why have I not come across this blog earlier? You are quite fantastic, and since I am amoderndandy your tips must certainly apply to me. I agree with most things I have read on your blog and I'm glad to find such an intelligent and sensible fellow dandy. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany!

What a fantastic and lovely comment from an equally fantastic and lovely dandy! I do thank you for your praise! 

mushroo-m-deactivated20120708 said: hi, for awhile i've been looking at the 1800's and early 9110's and i've liked the style. here in my town, no stores sell this kind of style clothing. what do i do? also, do you think a man can pull off a corsette? sincerely, you eccentric dandy.

Absolutely, men wore corsets during 1820-1835 men donned wasp waisted corsets and during many other times they wore them to slim their figures. The same can be said for wigs, makeup and heels.   

The tricky thing about being a “Green Carnation Dandy” in these days is that finding appropriate clothing can be incredibly complicated. The Gentleman’s Emporium does carry some very nice things but it is a tad pricey. 

Your basics will be silk vests, high waisted or just above hip - waisted pants,  good pointed shoes or square toed shoes, a pocket watch, a cravat (or jabot if you prefer), cotton or lace gloves, a good tail coat or something similar and a quality hat of your choice. 

it may seem like a lot but most of these things can surprisingly be found at thrift stores or big chain stores if you just look well enough.

I do hope this helped! 

sunorangesmall said: Respond to this tumblr or the girl's? Well, here it goes. As a girl with a "never nude" philosophy, which never went out in a skirt shorter than knee length or strapless top, in a town where you have 30-35 degrees Celsius for three months, it helps wearing lighter dresses, drop waists in particular. Long skirts are also very breezy, and simple shirts on top. Having an up-do or a braid also helps, but I've gotten used to always going out with plain, waist length hair, so that's not a necessity :)

dansknapp said: Sir, I am a dandizette at heart and I absolutely adore the fashion, but I live in Australia and it can get /so/ hot here that unfortunately I am almost forced to wear unflattering shorts and tees. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for classier attire in the hot months of summer, since I don't have the best figure and hate wearing extremely short skirts and the like. Thanks xx

Have you considered some of the vitorian era bathing wear? knickers, bloomers or knee length skirts do wonders for the heat. carry a parasol as well, it helps to have portable shade.  short sleeved dresses and pinafore dresses can be quite classy. 

It can be rough for Dandizettes in the summer, if i recall, women often carried fans, parasols and stayed in the shade to avoid heat stroke and other such unsavoury ailments.  

Also keep in mind the type of fabrics you chose. some fabrics are very clearly not meant for warmer weather (such as velvet) and others like cotton are very breezy.  lighter colors also help.

If anyone else has any tips, please, feel free to share! 

phantomseptember said: Hello, I recently acquired a beautiful brown (suit)jacket. I'd love to wear it, but I'm horrible at matching colours. What does brown match, if anything? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Not. Black. Depending on the shade and tone of brown, grey can work wonderfully as well as purples, reds, teals and peacock blues (my favorite) white if you are feeling bold and pinks, but that again depends on the shade of brown.

Thank you, to all 1000+ of you! I tip my hat to you!

agent-bathory said: Can you be a proper Dandy through behaviour and not fashion?

Possibly though I dare say that fashion is just as important as mannerisms when it comes to Dandyism. It is possible, however, to be a gentleman or a lady without the fashion.

Tips for Dressing on a Budget. 


An Introduction. Please watch and share!


Be thankful that anyone would give you anything and certainly never act ungrateful to them. 
Lace can be very charming when worn correctly. Never overdo lace and never use cheap, scratchy lace in replacement for finely made lace. submitted by ( ) 
This should be common fact. There is something much classier about receiving a handwritten letter or thank you note that simply does not compare to cold, monotonous text on a screen. submitted by ( )